Standard Labels

what paper to choose?

First we need to decide on the paper weight. There are 2 different types of paper weight to consider for your project, text (think standard printer paper) and cover (think cardstock). We have a wide range of thicknesses of each of these options.

Next you need to decide on the coating. Do you want gloss, linen, silk, or uncoated.

Sometimes these decisions are hard to imagine without actually getting to see and feel the paper which is why we recommend stopping in at our office and getting to sample them in person before we get started.

Standard Labels cut to any size and printed on our matte adhesive paper is perfect for your product labels, pizza boxes, return addresses, shelf organizing and all sorts of every day use purposes. These labels can be printed in full colour or greyscale, can be up to 12″ x 18″ or cut as small as you need.

We aim to complete all orders within 3 – 5 business days.

We do offer rush orders and with some products are able to offer same for next day pickup for an additional charge. Please note, rush orders depend on the availability of paper stock and time requirements for some of our production processes (we can’t make glue or ink dry any faster unfortunately)

Our office is located at 1123 5th Street, in Downtown Estevan Saskatchewan. We are open Monday – Friday, from 8:00am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Pickup for all of our orders is easy and red

Yes! We ship anywhere in Canada for a low fee. Just check the shipping option on checkout and provide the necessary information.

You can upload files in the following formats:

The most standard and easy-to-import file type that we prefer is a PDF. 

Please make sure that all of the elements in your file have been vectorized. You can do this by using the expand or convert to curves features. This will ensure that all of the elements in your design will import properly to our software when we prepare your file for production.

When printing, 300 PPI is the best print resolution for digital printers. The design of a file with a resolution below 300 PPI will result in blurring and pixelization. On the other hand, you should not design with a resolution higher than 300 PPI. As far as the eye can see, there will be no difference in print quality. It will also make your file much larger (increase file upload/transfer time).

If you are looking for your project to have print right to the very edge of the page, you will need to plan for a bleed in your design. A bleed means that the colour or image extends off the page, and the excess will be cut off in the production process.

It is important to plan for bleeds in the design process, otherwise we will have to stretch your design to allow for a bleed which may change the intended outcome. We ask that you design with a 0.5″ bleed in mind when creating your design.